issue #01
ThrowUp Magazine

ThrowUp Magazine’s first collectible number about Graffiti and Hip-Hop Culture. Contains interviews with worldwide graff writers and mc’s, trains and walls, and more exclusive contents...
Cover by Mr.Wany / Pages: 128 / Language: English / Published: April, 2022

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ThrowUp is not just a magazine about Hip-Hop and Graffiti Culture. We always wanted to represent a philosophy of life. A set of codes. We grew up living this culture on the streets since we were kids. We got dirty under our nails and on our skin.
We wanted to give voice to those who move outside, in the night. Those who don't like cameras and spotlights. Those who do not have the likes of the System and those who do not like the System... We don't follow trends. We live. We talk about what goes on in the underground!
SPECIAL GUESTS: Pluto From Jail (IT), Flee Lord & Tiona Deniece (US), Slider (GER), Montenero (IT), Poison (IT), Da Flyy Hooligan (UK), Semor (GER), Aies (SUI), NastySons crew (NED), Ike (IT), 386 crew (IT), Dustin (GER), Pixel (IT), ARF crew (IT), Andrew Propaganda (IT)