Rick Hyde: «I worked a load of odd jobs, but now I’m a legend in my own right!»

We had the chance to ask some questions to Rick Hyde, rapper and producer of the Black Soprano Family, Benny The Butcher’s crew, who told us about his latest album, entitled in Italian “Stima”, about the importance that DJ Shay (R.I.P) had for him and the city of Buffalo (NY), about his past, his upcoming projects, how it is being in the same studio with DJ Drama, The Alchemist and Hit Boy and much more.

Essential Projects
  • Plates
  • Plates II
  • Stima

Peace Rick, thank you for giving us the opportunity to ask you a few questions. Surely many know your name for being one of the longtime members of the Black Soprano Family and for being really close with Benny The Butcher. Can you tell us about the origins of B$F and how and when did you meet Benny? Do you have any anecdotes about the first times you met ?

RICK HYDE: B$F started in 2011/12 once Benny had came home from prison on a violation. I’ve known Benny since roughly 2007 and we both were apart of a locally established label BuffCity Records owned by DJ ShayBSF was our chance to rebrand as we gained further knowledge of the business and how to operate on a larger scale

We heard that before B$F and Griselda were successful, you worked in the airport or as a security guard… Who played the biggest role and what prompted you to quit your job to pursue a career in rap music? At what point did you take this choice and was it a difficult choice or were you already sure about what you were doing?

RICK HYDE: Man, answering this question brings back memories. I worked a shit load of odd jobs such as the airport, security at a hospital in Buffalo deemed “Heroin Hospital” because of the rapid OD rate, I worked at Target, Sears, Pizza Hut, some retail jobs, you name it. But I seen the changes and impact that Griselda was making and I decided to give it my all one time. And now i’m a legend in my own right!

At the end of May you released your latest album called “Stima”. Can you tell us how this album was born and how was the creation process of it? Where did this title come from?

RICK HYDE: Stima” was released as a catalyst to what I’m about to do musically. I got production on the new BSF album and I’m working on “Plates 3” simultaneously, so “Stima” is a preview of the prowess to come!

“Stima” is Italian for respect or high regard and I feel like I’m at the point where the fans gotta respect my input in this game.

Do you have a favorite song in “Stima” and why? What does this album represent among your discography?

RICK HYDE: My favorite song on “Stima” is probably “Who Am I” because it’s vivid and a different side of me. It’s almost like I picked up where I left off on “Plates 2 but on steroids. It’s captivating and forces you to hear me out.

Your first solo album that started to make a name for yourself as a rapper and producer is 2019’s “Plates” , in 2021 you released its sequel “Plates 2” and now “Stima”… In what do you feel you have matured most along this path? Is there something you regret or do you think you have lost along the way?

RICK HYDE: My journey is just beginning honestly, I’m in year 3 of what looks to be a prosperous career and I’m blessed to have that advantage. I feel like I’m growing at a rapid rate and I’ll just continue to dominate both sides.

Working closely with the Griselda boys or working on your and B$F projects you had the chance to see at work some of the greatest producers and mc’s ever … Who impressed you the most, also for unexpected sides, and why? What was it like working with Dj Drama?

RICK HYDE: Yeah, I’m in A LOT of rooms I don’t speak on because those moments are dear to me. But I get inspired by HitBoy and Alchemist the most. Their work ethics are insane and contagious. You just wanna make an album on the spot when you are in the room with them.

Working with DJ Drama is cool, just seen him at a video shoot in NY recently and he insisted we do another “Respected Sopranos” tape, sooooo you never know lol.

You are not only an MC, but also a really good producer: what was the thing you started doing before? What are the biggest differences in your approach between producing and rapping?

RICK HYDE: Contrary to everyone’s belief I always been a rapper first. I started producing out of anger when a local producer at the time denied me beats. I sat and learned the program and became a household name from the mud. 

The approach to producing is better because I don’t have to be as technical as I do a rapper. But it’s my duty to be efficient on both sides, no excuses!

The city and Hip-Hop scene of Buffalo certainly suffered a huge loss with the passing of the late DJ Shay (R.I.P). What was your relationship with him and how did you get to know him? And what is the greatest help or advice he has given you personally?

RICK HYDE: I’ve known DJ Shay since 2006/07 and he was everything musically I needed. Producer, engineer, A&R, manager, literally all in one.

I was Shay’s understudy and not by position but by choice I learned the game from him and use that knowledge to this day.

How would you tell the importance of Dj Shay for Buffalo to those who don’t know what he did?

RICK HYDE: That’s easy, I’ll have them Google BuffCity Records and you’ll see where we came from in comparison to where we are now. Shay’s legacy is all over Buffalo and lives vicariously through us daily.

What should we expect from the BSF and Rick Hyde until the end of 2022?

RICK HYDE: You should expect nothing and prepare for EVERYTHING! That’s a jewel! Plates 3 on the way!!!

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