The epic story of Tragedy Khadafi told by himself.

Intervista Terrasanta

Terrasanta: «My ground is ​​street rap, but over time I’m trying to go deeper»

Shaykh Hanif: «I had to go through the worst circumstances to learn who I truly was»

Sheik, from Sardinia to Bologna in search of his dimension.

Lou Fresco – From Venezuela to the World

New Vegas Films: «What I shoot It’s not just a still, It’s a moment that moves»

EliaPhoks: «Ragazzi per Sempre was supposed to be my last album but instead…»

Eto & Futurewave: «We’re the Dead Poets. The voiceless with the voice»

Lise (Roma Guasta): «I always let my inspiration guide me on the right path!»

TMO Trips: spittin’ bars in Brixton, London.

Intervista Louis Dee Rapper palermo

Louis Dee: «I am looking for an audience of grown people…»

CEASE GUNZ intervista

Cease Gunz: «I changed names and sounds like graff writers change their tags to experiment»

Mr. Phil: «I’ve always produced what I like, without thinking about what’s trending»

Baloo Rapper Napoli

BALOO: «Born in the jungle, I have the ambition to educate the kids about survival and struggles!»

Creep Giuliano: «The only thing missing to Italian underground is money»

Cee Gee: «Working with Westside Gunn & Mach-Hommy It’s all about the art».

Dropsy & Lanz Khan present “Inganni”

The Message 01 – ABAN

Throw Up Talks #06 – Vincenzo da Via Anfossi

Intervista Rapper Torinese Thai Smoke Piu Reale del Re

Thai Smoke: «I tell the truth without filters»

Intervista MC Napoletano Dope One

Throw Up Talks #05 – Dope One

Throw Up Talks #04 – Jangy Leeon

Who is Poppa Gee?

Intervista Yazee

Throw Up Talks #03 – Yazee

Intervista Sick Boy Simon & Dirty Dagoes

Sick Boy Simon & Dirty Dagoes: “This is how we collaborated with Onyx…”

Throw Up Talks #02 – Vacca

Intervista rapper Armani Doc - MRGRA - Alta Moda

Armani Doc, Italian 
Rap with some elegance.
 An interview.

Oyoshe & Dope One: Napoli is Hip Hop

An interview with Silla. “I make intelligent rap, not intellectual rap”

Tuff Kong Rec. and overseas collabos. An interview with Cuns.

Intervista Max il Nano

The hunger of Max il Nano. The interview.

A river of bars flowing out of Rome Nomentano. An interview with Lord Madness.

Aban al microfono - underground street rap Lecce

The definition of street rap. An interview with Aban.