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Mr. Cenz

Mr. Cenz and his “Cosmic and Futuristic Space-Funk” Style

Interview with Taser: «Only the real ones are left».

Hip Hop April Selection

Intervista Rapper Torinese Thai Smoke Piu Reale del Re

Thai Smoke: «I tell the truth without filters»

John Jigg$: «I try to make my albums play out like movies»

Does1, intervista ad  un pioniere brasiliano dei graffiti.

Does1, interview with a Brazilian graffiti pioneer.

Zikxo: youth and ambition

Eddie Kaine Interview

Eddie Kaine interview: “Staying consistent is the key”

Ans: «Graffiti was born illegal and must live in the streets».

Hip Hop March 

Intervista MC Napoletano Dope One

Throw Up Talks #05 – Dope One

J Racks London Interview

J-Racks, the up-and-coming rapper from London who strives for his space.

Graffiti and tattoos: life according to Desur.

Bodega Bamz: “I am a voice for the New York’s latinos”. The interview.

Warios Graffiti Interview

Warios interview. 
Leaving the mark in the “jungle” of Rome.

Raz Fresco Interview

Raz Fresco: «Knowledge of SELF is everything».
 The interview.

Skare (Poland) Graffiti Artist Interview

Skare’s Neurowild Style: «I see graffiti letters as neural networks»

Hip Hop February 

Throw Up Talks #04 – Jangy Leeon

Who is Poppa Gee?

Abys Osmoz Colors Graffiti Intreview

An interview with Abys: “Graffiti to take back urban areas”.