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Dropsy: «If you work hard, you’ll reap the fruits, soon or later»


NEM$: «That’s why they call me the “Mayor” of Coney Island, N.Y.C!»

Hip Hop September Selection

Koncept Jack$on: «Mutant Academy is my family, even beyond music»

Dibiasi: «In Jersey I’m a heavyweight, but the world is going to know me soon»

Pongo: «My art is an experimental journey that will never end»

French The Kid: A young lyricist for the UK Rap scene

Hip Hop August Selection

Bub Styles: «In Brooklyn there’s a huge competition, but it’s a beautiful thing»

Madhattan: «At sometime in life, you have to choose whether to sink or swim».

Tedax Max interview

Tedax Max tells us about his state of “Forme Olympique”.

Hip Hop July Selection

Kaser Interview

Kaser: «I appreciate beeing among artists where each one teach one. That’s Hip Hop».

Murzett tells the pain and the bad consequences of the streetlife.

Ray Vendetta Triple Darkness Interview

Ray Vendetta: «Triple Darkness are considered the UK’s Wu-Tang Clan by many»

V Don: «I always stuck with my own sound and identity»

The Message 01 – ABAN

Hip Hop June Selection

Freeze Corleone: the Rap that describes the French today’s contradictions

Fisek: «New York styles still influence me. It’s the base of everything»

Ufo Fev Intervista

Ufo Fev: «The name Fev, short for Fever, was given to me by Black Rob (R.I.P.)»

Musa Interview: «I like walls that have a soul»

Asun Eastwood: “Toronto is cold, diverse, angry and struggling”.

Throw Up Talks #06 – Vincenzo da Via Anfossi

Hip Hop May Selection

Aceuno: “My name everywhere was the only important thing”

Rimzee: Hip-Hop as redemption

Nowaah The Flood: “Everything comes in circles, so even the raw Hip-Hop would be back”

Mr. Cenz and his “Cosmic and Futuristic Space-Funk” Style

Relo represents Marseille and its people. The interview.

Interview with Taser: «Only the real ones are left».

Hip Hop April Selection

Intervista Rapper Torinese Thai Smoke Piu Reale del Re

Thai Smoke: «I tell the truth without filters»

John Jigg$: «I try to make my albums play out like movies»

Does1, intervista ad  un pioniere brasiliano dei graffiti.

Does1, interview with a Brazilian graffiti pioneer.

Zikxo: youth and ambition

Eddie Kaine Interview

Eddie Kaine interview: “Staying consistent is the key”

Ans: «Graffiti was born illegal and must live in the streets».

Hip Hop March 

Intervista MC Napoletano Dope One

Throw Up Talks #05 – Dope One

J Racks London Interview

J-Racks, the up-and-coming rapper from London who strives for his space.

Graffiti and tattoos: life according to Desur.

Bodega Bamz: “I am a voice for the New York’s latinos”. The interview.

Warios Graffiti Interview

Warios interview. 
Leaving the mark in the “jungle” of Rome.

Raz Fresco Interview

Raz Fresco: «Knowledge of SELF is everything».
 The interview.

Skare (Poland) Graffiti Artist Interview

Skare’s Neurowild Style: «I see graffiti letters as neural networks»

Hip Hop February 

Throw Up Talks #04 – Jangy Leeon

Who is Poppa Gee?

Abys Osmoz Colors Graffiti Intreview

An interview with Abys: “Graffiti to take back urban areas”.

Eto: “My rhymes? Those who do know…know!!!”. The Interview.

Hip Hop January Selection

Intervista Yazee

Throw Up Talks #03 – Yazee

ZKR: a rising star in the French rap scene

ZKR: a rising star in the French rap scene.

Jamal Gasol interview

Jamal Gasol interview: “Street talk is easy when you really been through it”

Ty Farris Interview

Ty Farris interview: No co-sign… just Bars!

Intervista Soneka - Makina de Rabsiko

Interview with Soneka from Brazil: Graffiti as life lesson.

Hip Hop December Selection

Intervista Sick Boy Simon & Dirty Dagoes

Sick Boy Simon & Dirty Dagoes: “This is how we collaborated with Onyx…”

The best Hip Hop albums of 2020 according to ThrowUp Magazine

Interview with Secse, italian graffiti veteran: ’’Knowledge is the key’’

Ransom interview

Ransom, the rapper of the year. The interview.

Napoleon Da Legend Interview

Napoleon Da Legend Interview: “Hip-Hop needs more balance between good and bad”.

Hip Hop November Selection

M24 interview - drill uk

M24, the emerging UK drill phenomenon.

Throw Up Talks #02 – Vacca

Espy: my graffiti experience from New Jersey to L.A.

Jay Nice Interview

Jay NiCE interview: carving sounds as “Fly Art”

Hip Hop October Selection

Bufón: “Art belongs to the elite, graffiti to the streets”.

Intervista rapper Armani Doc - MRGRA - Alta Moda

Armani Doc, Italian 
Rap with some elegance.
 An interview.

Jay Royale interview: living Hip-Hop in the town of “The Wire”.

Graffiti in South Africa, an interview with Mars.

Hip Hop September Selection

Dave East Crip New York Harlem

Dave East: the voice of Harlem, New York.

Intervista a Blef, leggenda italiana dei graffiti

Interview with Blef, Italian graffiti legend.

Hip Hop August Selection

MAV daCloth interview

M.A.V, one of the “DaCloth” crew’s generals

Hip Hop July Selection

“JUST 4 MY NAME” – A photographic storytelling on train bombing

Xp The Marxman interview: From L.A. streets, aiming to be a Sincere Leader

Shuen graffiti writer from writer in action

Shuen: classic graffiti style from Greece

Veyz from Brazil: «Graffiti saved my life»

Best Hip Hop Albums June 2020

Hip Hop June

Graffiti Kings Ceser VCG interview

Ceser interview: «Graffiti Culture is unstoppable»

Mozzy, from Sacramento, gangsta-rap as a way out of the struggle

Aban Deconstructed - A visual biography

“Aban: Deconstructed”, a visual biography of an underground MC.

Fosk: an indelible passion for sprays and graffiti

Throwup Gallery 07

Hip Hop May Selection

Interview with graffiti mexican graffiti writer Khosmik

Interview with Mexican Graffiti Writer Khosmik

38 Spesh, reclaiming the streets.

Erics interview: Graffiti and Hip-Hop? «Style, Respect and Knowledge»

20 Years Ago “The Platform”, Dilated Peoples’ debut album, was released.

Young Dolph, from nothing to an independent empire

Oyoshe & Dope One: Napoli is Hip Hop

Hip Hop April Selection

An interview with Silla. “I make intelligent rap, not intellectual rap”

In loving memory of Ebow Graham “Metropolis” & Foreign Beggars.

Orghone interview: «in graffiti longevity is what matters most»

Tuff Kong Rec. and overseas collabos. An interview with Cuns.

Graffiti according to Twone

Vacca nuovo album Bad Reputation

Vacca, “the Don“ is back with the new LP Bad Reputation.

RZA vs Dj Premier: Hip-Hop wins again

Intervista Max il Nano

The hunger of Max il Nano. The interview.

Intervista al writer di Gran Canaria Saker

Graffiti as a way of life. An interview with Saker

“Crash Kid Graffiti Archive” book out now

Primo Profit hip hop monthly reviews

Hip Hop March Selection

Comparing graffiti and calligraphy. An interview with Smake.

The legacy of Nipsey Hussle (R.I.P)

Graffiti according to Ysar: “Friendship and mentality”.

boldy james detoit rap

Raw and Cold, Boldy James’ Street Rap

Kraco: wildstyle letters from France

A river of bars flowing out of Rome Nomentano. An interview with Lord Madness.

Che Noir, the future is female

Hip Hop Selection – February

Fine primo tempo - La svolta di Egreen

“Fine primo tempo”, Egreen’s unexpected u-turn

Megan Thee Stallion unstoppable talent

Megan Thee Stallion’s unstoppable talent.

Skase’s basic requirements: a clean and dynamic stroke.

Aban al microfono - underground street rap Lecce

The definition of street rap. An interview with Aban.

Roc Marciano, godfather of the underground

Mr Acker - Writer di palermo in azione

Mr. Acker, love for writing between joy and pain

Big Kahuna OG & Monday Night - Thug Tear Album Cover

Hip Hop Selection – January

Rabbia e desiderio di riscatto,la voce di Speranza

Speranza: between anger and desire of redemption

Luispak, the «Street Surrealist»

Larry June’s “organic” rap

D.Ratz, a young rising rapper from Salerno

Our favourite Hip-Hop albums of the decade

Hip Hop selection – December

Wubik, a graffiti veteran in step with the times

Top 25 Hip Hop Album 2019

Top 25: best Hip Hop albums of 2019

2019, the year of Marra’s comeback

Esa aka El Crespo - Mostra

The ”Tributes” Art exhibition of Esa is an act of Love

Throwup Gallery 06

Impo, creativity and dedication to sharpen even the impossible

Phase 2 Rest in Paint

Griselda Records

The Hip-Hop Holy Scriptures of Griselda Records

Rius: a sicilian rapper who fights to spread Hip Hop in his land

Hip Hop selection – November

Coze: attitude and mentality

Niska, french rapper

Niska, a french rapper breaking the rules

Young M.A: staying true to yourself breaks down every prejudice!

Intervista al writer Hot in Public, Graffiti come forma di protesta

An interview with Hot in Public: Graffiti as a school of life

The climb of Samurai Jay

Eto, the grimey sound of the underground

Long John ArgentoVivo: Milano’s best kept secret

A tribute to Guru (RIP): Gang Starr “One of the Best Yet”

Hip Hop selection – October

Paky trapper emergente di Rozzano Rozzi

The astonishing numbers of Paky

Freddie Gibbs, one of a kind

An interview with Korvo within fantasy and surrealism

Philip e Capoplaza

Philip: a newborn star in the italian rap game

Throwup Gallery 05

The art of storytelling according to Maxo Kream

Slava Rapper di brescia video girato in ucraina

Slava: from Ukraine, a breath of fresh air for the Italian Rap

Hip Hop selection – September

Throwup Gallery 04

Crimeapple: mezclàdo flavor bars between USA and Colombia.

Throwup Gallery 03

Throwup Gallery 02

Benny, “The Butcher” from Griselda Records.

Street legends: an interview with Tawa 16K

Throwup Gallery 01