Hi, my name is Carlo Smec and I’m a graffiti writer from the South of Italy. I live in Mondragone, a small town near Caserta. The world of graffiti has always fascinated me and it was in 2002 that I attended my first jam session, even if I had no idea of what to expect from the “Crazy Summer Jam”. That’s where I watched the first graffiti writers painting on a wall – name as Foko, Tape, Pelo, Tres, Puma, Dosher, Reca, Rock, Rice, Eroin and many others -. At that moment, I realized that I liked that world and I began to notice on different walls, a lot of signatures and scattered pieces that I’ve never noticed before. So I decided to give it a try.

Even though I was getting more and more passionate, when I started painting and getting involved in this world, I didn’t know whether to continue or not, for many reasons, including the cost of cans. I wasn’t doing very well, my parents split up and couldn’t afford to buy so many sprays just to have more colors, so I came to a solution: to use only two; with the first I traced the piece and I left the letters empty coloring while with the second I created a background. As things got better, I increased the number of my sprays and my passion for graffiti, to the point of making it a real vent.

Over the years, my style has been inspired by that of New York and I had as teachers and reference point the pioneers of graffiti writing in Campania. My study of letters and hooks starts with capital letters and I’m always looking for more dynamic and sinuous solutions that fit together, leaving the letters themselves always legible.

With my crew I took part to various events, jams and contests. In particular, with “LDK” I took part in Write4gold where for two editions, 2008 and 2009, we earned the Italian title that , in turn, allowed us to compete for the European one and also to win this competition in the 2008 in Lipsia, at the Splash Festival. A unique emotion. A moment that changed our lives. Fantastic years that I still remember vividly.

In 2009, however, we took third place. These important experiences marked me a lot and convinced me even more that this was a world that belonged to me.

Over time I have also experimented with other techniques, including painting on canvas, watercolor, ink – the latter remains for me one of the most productive fields.

For my wealth of experience and these twenty years of graffiti, I also thank the Crews to which I belong – LDK, CTA, F. LINES – because they are always a boost to improve and evolve my style!


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