Born in 1973 in Paris suburb, started graffiti in the late 80’s. First inspired by Hip Hop Culture, by the ”Subway Art” book and European old school style. Created os own crew P19 in 1992, which became one of the most influential crews in Europe.

His style is the perfect mix between New York and European classics, focused on the flow of the letters. He hi considered by most as the French Flow Master because of his very dynamic and instant recognizable style.

Traveling to different countries led him to find an interest in other forms of writing, such as calligraphy, vintage typography, etc…

Another particular part of his work is, “the living caps”, as he loves to call them, that consist to bring caps (nozzles) to life, just like if they were characters.
Pest is definitely that kind of artist always in search of new challenges.

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  • TerribleBeote RWG CREW says:

    Saludos desde el bello Mexico
    Eres un extraordinario escritor
    me gusa tu trabajo
    y lo larga que ha sido tu carrera
    Yo de igualmanera soy un escritor mas ilegal que legal
    Saludos desde Santa Catarina Nuevo Leon

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