Influenced by the artistic waves of the New York suburbs, he started his career as a “graffiti writer” and “wildstyler” during the late 80’s in the city of Milan, where the so called “graffiti” was a new art culture, just spread in Europe. Dropsy studied and evolved the American styles of “graffiti writing”, creating his own one that made him be recognized soon as a “master” at home and abroad. He’s been invited to many “jams” all over Italy and Europe: during the years he expressed his art on different kinds of surfaces, such as canvas, wood, metal etc. Nowadays, you can find this heritage in his productions, melted with different techniques, getting inspirations from cultures and traditions of various parts of the world.

I've been part of the crew since day one, as founder member. I remember that night we went to paint trains in Lambrate, all dressed in black except Bread, who had a completely white outfit and looked like he had just come out of a nightclub! What laughter, what a legend!
In those years, I often frequented Dj Skizo, who is an absolute master of turntablism and I believe that, in a completely spontaneous way, he sent me the desire to try my hand and deepen the subject...
A return to vinyl would be cool, there would be natural selection and the clowns would go back to the circus instead of playing fake phenomena.
I think you should believe in what you do, your passion must necessarily become a job, otherwise it remains a hobby! The hard work, at times, doesn’t mean salary or immediate payment, but it means sowing daily and then reaping the fruits, sooner or later.
Ups and downs are there for everyone but the most important thing is to never give up on your dreams. With this attitude I have built a career and a credibility, then what comes from what.

Linea Grafica N. 284 (1993), L’Europeo, Freestyler, 10000 Maniacs, Aelle Magazine, Tribe Magazine, Trap Magazine, Psycho Magazine, Sabotage (French graffiti book), All City Writers (Graffiti book), 24 Carat Dirt (Graffiti book), Vecchia Scuola (Graffiti book)

LIVE PAINTINGS & JAMS in the 90’s :
Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Germany, Holland


  • 1993 – Le Bataclan – Milano
  • 1995 – The Spot – Milano
  • 1995 – Vernice Fresca – Milano
  • 1996 – Aerosol art expo @ Magazzini Generali – Milano
  • 2001 – Airbrush International – Milano
  • 2004 – Teatro Smeraldo – Milano
  • 2011 – Wag 20 years @ The Don Gallery – Milano
  • 2011 – Street Art Players @ San Siro Studium Museum – Milano

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