Hi! My name is Totore, born in Naples, Class ’92. My tag is Sane. I approached the world of the double H through breaking. I was already passionate about drawing and I began to approach the discipline of graffiti writing, since we had to find a name to be recognized, a tag to mark the territories!

I started graffiti writing in 2003/04 and from then ‘til now, I couldn’t live without it. Today my style is in between the easy style and the easy wild, creating harmonious letters and shapes in continuous evolution then arriving at the wild styles. 

Over the years I experimented with many styles, colors, shapes, etc. Graffiti led me to have many connections with many worlds. In fact, for some years I embraced the art of tattooing, trying my hands in other contexts and techniques of execution.





Digital allows me to broaden the means to experience art, study and create digital works as well as style on canvas.

Well… graffiti writing has opened up a new world and new visions to me! Today I still owe him so much, and I will give him so much more! It’s the best way I can express myself and find resilience.

I think that graffiti writing, like art at 360 °, is a cure for the soul!

Today I’m a member of the UNS-NSIS-TNC crews.
Peace, unity, love and having fun !!

Greetings 4 Throw Up Magazine! Yo !!




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