Bad Taste CruTNS
Northern Ireland


Background: I have been painting on and off for some time now, but I am a b-boy first and foremost and have been breaking for over 20 years, battling/ teaching/judging/performing and organizing events. However due to injury, getting older and becoming a dad, I have had to quit breakin. My love for Graff has always been there, it was actually the first ‘element’ of hip hop that I tried way back in the 90s, but I concentrated more on breakin.

Recently I have spent the last few years concentrating on painting and trying to develop my style, letters and techniques. I would not call myself a writer, as I believe that term is earned through bombin, doing steel, illegals etc. I have done a few things here and there but not enough to use that title, and have the utmost respect for those who live that lifestyle. I prefer a chill wall, with good friends, music and atmosphere.

I have always loved wild style/style writing and that’s what I aspire to, I admire that classic b-boy style of graff and enjoy working on productions, characters, backgrounds, colour schemes and try to draw as much as I can every week.

I am influenced by cartoons, sneakers, video games, ninja/kung Fu movies and b-boy/hip hop culture. I enjoy looking at all styles of Graff, and get inspired by seeing other peoples work. I am happy being a fan as I am a participant. I also like to make videos, most of these are inspired by the above, and are pretty bad but I enjoy it. Check my instagram for the videos.

Most recently I have been doing a lot of outline exchanges with people, which has helped in developing my understanding of letters, and my own style. I have also been learning to use procreate and design/ illustration techniques. I try to apply these to my pieces when I paint them and the digital option has been a great learning tool and encouraged me to experiment as well as try new things.

This year I plan on hitting more jams in the UK and Europe, collaborating with other people, developing my style/ techniques, learning more history/knowledge and just enjoy myself whilst doing it.

Shouts to… My wife, my son, Bad Taste Cru ,Battalions, Cron, Inch, and the TNS lads, Amor (NM) , Kigs (TTK), Kilo (Sin), Skam (FDZ), Aser (BMC), Tuff Tim Twist (RSC), Ogre, Rench (HA) , Rask (TDA), Rast (TPM), Candie (GOT), Movs (FA) Noyz (AMC), Easi (AMC) Shaw Brothers, Godfrey Ho, Belfast City Breakers, Seek, DJ ADS, Rick Fury, COTMB, Flow-Rex, Bboy Mouse (MZK), Freeze (Ghost Crew), KakaRoaches, Flammer Band, Stuntman (SEC), Poe One (SEC) and Ken Swift (Breaklife)

Thanks to Throw Up Magazine for this opportunity, really appreciate it!

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