Shuen is part of the STB crew and the ZNCrew. He was born in 1986 in Kavala (Greece), the same city where he grew up. He has been painting graff letters since 1998. Until 2005 he mainly deals with the “illegal” part of graffiti – only street bombing & tagging. In our days he is a “semi legal” graff writer. He loves to explore abandoned places and walls for painting.




My childhood friends Sube&Kruel one day told me: “This afternoon,we will take spray cans and we will go to the school yard for graffiti”....I followed them and since then I didn't stop.

He used to make different style of letters such as wild styles bubbles simple block distinguishing from the clear outlines. Graffiti for him is a ‘’psychotherapy” and an escape from daily problems. He likes to paint only for fun not for cash also loving to travel and meet other graff writers and different places.

My style evolved through the needs of each era. In the early years I wanted a simple and fast style for bombing. As the years went by and with many hours of sketching I came up with a standard way to create graff letters. Τhe only way I know how to do graffiti is the classic, nothing more ... I'm not a painter. I am a graffiti writer.

He has also participated in major festivals in Greece and at Global MOS Germany (2011-2012-2014), MOS Italy (2014-2015-2016), Step in the Arena (2019) and other great festivals all around Europe.

I saw that when money enters the world of graffiti it loses a lot of its meaning. I am lucky enough to have a good job so I never needed to see graffiti in a professional way. It gave me more important things than money!
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