My tag name is Bows. I’m from Bangkok, Thailand and I started graffiti in 2000 starting full on the street around 2002. Sometimes I got prized in the graffiti competition in Thailand. I don’t know exactly how can define my style as I do what I like, I go in freestyle.

I love lettering and comics as I studied and graduated in the Animation at University. I’m in the two different crew from Singapore: the ZNC crew and TFK crew and one from Thailand: the DOD.

About my journey in the amazing world of Graffiti I can tell to have been to Festival like the Meeting of Style from Zhozhou, China; The Graffiti Battle in Changsha; China again for Wallorad 2019; KL Malaysia for the Meeting of Style, Jakarta City for Street Dealin twice.

I have also worked as Graffiti volunteer at the Junior school of Manila for the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Graffiti collaboration with 11 Writes from 11 countries in Southeast Asia, Osaka (Japan), Sawannaket (Laos).


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  • HeSick says:

    Awesome dude

  • Azerox says:

    Yes Yes Mr Bows. good to see this man. Since Changsha we`ve painted together a few times in both China and Thailand – I gotta make the trip again soon my brother. Respect

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