Urban artist of 33 years old and about 21 years of dedication to Art and Street Art. Born in Pelotas, a city in the extreme south of Brazil with his own style and social awareness, he organise workshops for children with Down Syndrome. Gabriel Veiz started drawing since he was a child, when he was at the 4th grade started drawing at the edges of all pages of his notebooks, never stopping drawing since then.

I was always focused on drawing since I was a kid, but the first time I painted with a spray was in 1998, I did it because a friend from school Vinicius Bero bought the first graffiti-only magazine launched in Brazil, showed it to me and said we could do it that...
I had a lot of problems with the police and my family tried to stop me from doing graffiti, however i loved what i I did and never gave up, at 14 I occupied an abandoned house and turned it into my clandestine studio, where I would draw and produce my ideas, I kept my paint and my painting clothes, I did it until I was 18 years old.

At the age of 12 he made his first paint with a spray can, after that he was never able to get away from this addiction. Starting from there, his life became a cartoon, everything he looked at drawing, everything he imagined for drawing, his life became related to this passion. At the age of 18, he entered the Federal College of Pelotas, studying Bachelor of Visual Arts – getting qualification in Painting, Sculpture and Printmaking.

After the period at the Art Academy he began with the first exhibitions, with his unique and original work, using his own language and his own unique characters and lyrics, started to win the world.

Graffiti is part of hip-hop culture, an underground culture created by black and peripheral people, graffiti and culture saved my life, and it helps kids from the periphery a lot to be able to see outside the bubble they live in, that they don’t they need to steal, neither kill nor lose their freedom to achieve material goals, that through art it is also possible for you to have a good quality of life and you can know the world and reach your goals...

At the end of 2006, he was selected to expose to one of the largest companies in Brazil, a Biennial of Art Science and Culture held at the Progresso Foundation in Rio de Janeiro, afterwards exhibiting at Circo Voador (RJ), from the first step. He conquered galleries in Canada, Italy, Bulgaria, France, Australia and Northern Ireland, exhibiting at one of the most respected museums in Brazil, the Belo Horizonte Arts Palace (MG) also making a permanent work at Funarte (MG), Galeria Mundo Arte Global – POA (RS), Leopoldo Gotuzzo Art Museum in Pelotas (RS).

Yes, i had many opportunities to travel all over the world, both for work and passion, and this is one more thing that makes me feel fulfilled, I can get to know other countries and other cultures, make new friends all over the world, you can spread my art in every corner of the world, that was my dream, and today I live it!
During graffiti I love to listen to Rap from the 90s, the most undergrounds. Das Efx, Wu Tang Clan, O.C., among others. But I like national raps a lot, too, like Racionais, Rzo, Sabotagem.

Furthermore, he started tattooing at the age of 19 and at 20 he moved to Porto Alegre, invited to work in a tattoo parlor. At 22 he moved to Garopaba (SC), where he was introduced to the surf brand Mormaii. Today he still lives as designer, tattoo artist and illustrator, and his greatest victory, THE GRAFFITI. With great visibility throughout Brazil; he participated to some collective and individual exhibitions. As a guest artist, he participated to local or international events in several cities such as Canada, Australia, Uruguay, Bulgaria, Germany, Spain, Holland, Italy, Argentina, Antarctica, Greece, Canary Islands and Northern Ireland.

As time went by I started to study letters because I painted a lot by myself and thought that the letters were missing to complete my graffiti, it was then that I met the São Paulo bomber DionR, we became friends and he helped me teachin me some techniques to develop my style.

He works professionally as a tattoo artist and designer of some Brazilian and International Surf and Skate brands such as Mormaii, Sticky Bumps, Grow, Lost, Timberland, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, Nike, Calvin Klein, Santa Suerte (Mexico) Devotion, Qix Skate, Simple SkateBoards, Eskis (France) and some others.

He also won several awards at Tattoo Conventions, mostly of the new school style and nowadays he has already been invited to judge at several National and International Tattoo Conventions.

When this situation Corona Virus finished I would love to go back to Europe, for sure again Italy, I was very well received by everyone there and I have an admiration and respect for the Italian graffiti scene!

Whenever I visit my mother in the neighborhood where I grew up, our neighbors always come to praise me and talk to me and say that they are impressed by the places in the world where I am and met through my art, they admire me and have a lot of respect for me, because they knew where I came from, what was my reality and the person I became...

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