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I am Duser, I was born in Mexico City, I am a graphic designer and painter. I currently reside in the State of Mexico.Since I was a child I was very passionate about drawing, my first contact with graffiti was in high school (2004) where I only made labels, over time and thanks to my colleagues at the time I learned more about graffiti. Around 2006 I founded the PKC crew with several friends from the neighborhood and its surroundings, until little by little everyone moved away from graffiti, at that time I learned more about legal graffiti because I only dedicate myself to making labels and bombs.

Until in 2009 I met a friend and colleague with whom we decided to create a team in which I am currently, BMK (brutal minds klan) with which we have a project called UNDER CANVAS, a graffiti exhibition where we invited colleagues and friends who made and shared the same passion for graffiti. Which has already 3 editions (2017-2019)In this year (2020) I was invited to be part of an IKS (insane kings) crew originating from León Guanajuato.

My style would not define it as such, since I like to be dynamic and I like to discover and learn a lot from the people around me, that has helped me a lot to mature my style constantly, as well as drawing and sketching. When I go to the wall I do not always respect my sketch because I like to let myself be carried away by the emotions that surround me at that moment, as well as improvising the filling of my letters. I am a lover of letters, I can say that something that characterizes my style is color, cleanliness and geometry. He had participations in local and state exhibitions, as well as had the opportunity to work for national and international brands.
Graffiti for me is everything, I live from and for him. I like to share and that experiences are shared with me, as learning as that helps me enrich my knowledge and expand my horizon.
I thank all the people who have contributed to me and opened their doors to be able to do what we like to do the most, "graffiti"! Greetings from Mexico !!!

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