Korvo a.k.a. Korvuz Korax began his career in 1994 as a traditional writer, but he immediately realized his preference for characters rather than lettering. Soon, he became famous thanks to the experience with Aelle, an Italian Hip Hop cult magazine for which he collaborated as an illustrator.

The love for graffiti, combined with an early aptitude for drawing, brought him soon to try various techniques. Despite this, he never leaves the sprays and he’s constantly invited to international events of street art and hip hop culture.

At that time I used to read The Crow (Il corvo in italian), the 80's comic cult created by James O'Barr. I got fascinated by the icon of this animal and its meaning… I realized that this bird held a prominent position... so I choose the name Korvo (crow)...

During his artistic career, Korvo also produced comics, graphics and illustrations, drawing various album covers. Despite his subjects on wall are almost fantasy, it’s on canvas that the artist best represents his dark side. In fact, his painting is characterized by complex compositions of figures, interacting with each others with a monochromatic style.

I love Surrealism and metaphysics... I feel in another dimension with some Hip Hop beats, canvas, brushes and a spliff...

Some years ago he has also approached to sculpture, adding the third dimension to his drawings and creating suggestive figures reminding to the tradition of the Neapolitan crib sculptors.

I attended for a long time the studio of Salvatore Troiano, Master of sculptor, painter and brother (take a look!). I learned some ancient techniques practised also to built some sculptures...
The scene? Today I feel older and I always look first at the human side, believe me: you can even be able with spray cans and you can have bunch of style, but if you are arrogant and not empathic, well... you are not Hip Hop man!

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