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I write Dizy (dizyone). I am from India and known as first Indian graffiti female writer. My age is somewhere in mid 20s and it’s been a decade since I started graffiti. I lived between Berlin & Delhi over the past 6 years.

My Graffiti journey wasn’t easy like any other graffiti developed countries. I started from the scratch as in India were no graffiti scene before and especially the fact of being a girl in the scene was another whole struggle.

I’ve always been a fearless and strong girl. I used to stand out during the school or the College time. I wanted to do something different and creative in different ways out of the crowd as breaking stereotypes, motivating other girls and giving back to people in some way in my daily life as much as possible.

I have also many other talents in other fields of life which many people get surprised by. So, I got into graffiti through Hip-Hop. I started with break dance during my school days with my friend. At that time the breaking scene was growing in India more than any other elements. During those times we started noticing graffiti on the streets made by foreigner writers and music videos spotted graffiti.

When I started graffiti in 2011, I had a real struggle as there were no other girls doing classic graffiti. I had no one to look up-to, so I got to hustle and be with other fellow male writers to go painting with as it wasn’t safe for me and the guys were also not that supportive as they didn’t take me serious.

I was so passionate to do graffiti because it was totally something new, fascinating and adventurous and I got hooked to it. I was pretty much alone, so I decided to take my parents with me for my safety as they were very supportive to me.

At that time in India, we didn’t have any apt graffiti materials, so we used to paint with roller paints and industrial spray paints, and I used to make own mop markers. Later, after some years one spray paint brand got available followed up by some more. Anyway, it was very expensive to buy spray cans. So, I used to buy few cans with the money I got from my parents.

In 2011 -2012 there was a Indo-German Urban art hip-Hop program where I got the opportunities to meet and work with the famous pioneers of German writers/artists. This was an ecstatic experience and I wanted to learn more and do Graffiti in full power. So, I wanted to travel to Germany coz I already had many contacts with good artists. But I was still a student having no money, so I pleaded my parents to finance my internship program, but it was an excuse for graffiti. After, I finally travelled to Germany to explore more continuing the exchange programs with OTR since 2012.

During my initial Graffiti days, I had an old school New York graffiti teacher called “King Slone” getting to know him through mutual contact. He used to give us (me & younger brother) Skype lessons everyday teaching us the basics. So, in the beginning our styles were influenced from the old school NY style and some others old school

My favorite female graffiti writer is classic RosyOne from Switzerland. I would say I don’t really want to have a fixed style but at least my letters are readable to others. I really like when I can involve other people from non-graffiti background to understand it and enjoy it too. From this year I’m focusing on different styles looking for inspiration in anything or from anywhere. I’d like to write my name in a more creative way that isn’t boring for me or the people that look at them or see my works. I’m still working on to evolve it in a different way.

When I got into the first international female crew, I know that would have been the “StickUpGirlz”. I looked up to these female writers who have been writings for so long. I was lucky to meet them through mutual friends and events in which I was part too. It was an instant connection and I became their little sister. In 2019 they took me in, as their last youngest member in the crew.

And I have also my 3 “tag sister crew” in Berlin “CleanGirlsDirtyHands” with Honey & Sten. The crew name based on our clean lifestyle which is not like stereotype assumptions for female writers in graffiti except our dirty hands. Lol

I have been doing lots of exchange programs, workshops, international graffiti/ street-art events every year in China, Germany & India. I was also in Russia, United States, Indonesia, Thailand, Macao. I was also featured by “Under Armour” for their global campaign in Berlin,2018. I have done collaboration with many other brands too.

I have been honored by president in 2018 as “First Lady” of graffiti in India. I think my love & passion for graffiti paid well …hahaha… 😉 Therefore, in 2020 on Women’s day I got awarded as 100 phenomenal women of India. I was interviewed on newspaper, magazines features, radio show, tv interview by many National & international Medias like BBC, Elle magazine, etc.

Much love to ThrowUp Mag! Thanks for the feature!
Warm Regards!✌


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