Always fascinated by the world of images, he approached colors almost by chance, coloring the walls of Milan. Over time he got interested to various forms of expression, techniques and materials, deciding to enroll at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera (Milan). There, he’ll expertise stuff as tempera, acrylics, enamels, oils on canvas, graphic prints, lithographs, serigraphs and airbrushes.

Heroes of the Night - Berlin, 2019 Heroes of the Night - Berlin, 2019
World Development - Berlin, 2019 World Development - Berlin, 2019
Born to be Free - Berlin, 2019 Born to be Free - Berlin, 2019
Connections - Berlin, 2019 Connections - Berlin, 2019

During his artistic career, he mainly developed the technique of realism, characterized of many details, making the image itself and its related meaning more clear to the audience. Starting from a technical approach and the usage of tiling colors and shadows, he arrived to expertise the aerosol art. Over time this technique led him to create images with greater impact and less use of color and time.

Coffee and Cigarettes - Milan, 2018 Coffee and Cigarettes - Milan, 2018
I support MOS - Meeting of Styles Wiesbaden, 2019

His personal style remains between the graph and realistic allowing him to do great jobs in a short time. The match with spray colors, and the discovery of the graffiti world was fundamental for his approach into the world of art. That’s the easiest way that let him express quickly and all over different cities: Berlin, Magdeburg, Frankfurt, Antwerp, Brussels, Perpignan, Budapest, Bratislav, Vienna, London, Paris, Ljubljana, Gemona, Bolzan, Milan, Sao Paulo.

I am from the World - Berlin, 2019 I am from the World - Berlin, 2019

Over time he started drawing to express simple and clear messages, understandable even to people who are not part of this world and sometimes seems to not understand it. In 2016, Mate began a new artistic journey, aimed at tackling contemporary problems concerning the whole world, with explicit and direct contents. Therefore, he started to develop various ideas both on walls and canvas. This style allowed him to create large works able to pass an open mind message understandable to everyone.

Mate + Stan Mate + Stan, Berlin, Pankow 2019


The Closed Man

Acrylic colors on canvas / 40x70 cm / 2017

Interpretation of the power of technology towards social relationships. It represents the mental closure in the passage of time in front of the screen, rather than relating to the environment and the people around it.

Natural Instinct

Spray colors on canvas / 75x105 cm / 2018

Instinct leads the human being to the continuous search for technologies that can be used for war. Since its inception, the human being has dominated other forms of life with war.

Porks make the World

Acrylic colors on canvas / 40x60 cm / 2017

This work is a criticism of politics and the world economy. The main gains are obtained from wars and power, the world has been divided and administered by a few powerful masons that divide the world.


Acrylic colors on canvas / 100x80 cm / 2018

This work speaks of the struggle that homosexuals face every day to integrate into society, ighting the wrong behaviors that very often concern homophobia racism and stereotypes.


Spray colors on canvas / 100x130 cm / 2017

It represents the superiority that the law sometimes has towards moral and social principles. A puppet with a USB port in which to load the orders to be executed.

Hero of Tomorrow

Acrylic colors on canvas / 50x70 cm / 2017

It aims to focus on the responsibilities that the new generations will have towards art and the planet. The ironic image of the super hero man of the planet, that is, the one who dirties and pollutes, forgetting about art that for centuries has been the only expressive means of society.


Acrylic colors on canvas / 50x70 cm / 2017

“Contamination” is a work that brings attention to the contamination of the foods we eat every day. It is a theme that starts from the birth of O.G.M. and which also includes Fast-food and industrial foods.


Acrylic colors on canvas / 40x60 cm / 2017

It represents the cycle of life, of fertility; through the wings and the body of the flamingo, up to the maturity of the look and then to death. Through the skull of the boar the hostile animal, different, how, sometimes, death appears to the human being.


Spray colors on canvas / 80x100 cm / 2017

It tells the story of a “media war” between two large multinationals. It was one of the first midlife wars that manipulated the masses for decades and demoted the power of media and advertising and influenced millions of people. A power that has always been used in the political, economic and military fields.

Natural Condiction

Acrylic colors on canvas / 50 x 114 cm / 2017

It is a work that wants to bring attention to the way in which the media represent animal life, mainly with cartoons, ignoring the problems that man has brought in their natural habitats. The penguin is a cartoon that, too, must be related to the human invasion and its craze for oil.


Spray colors on canvas / 209x160 cm / 2017

This project draws attention to O. G. M. foods and in their inclusion in future societies, the soft colors and the dark light of the painting indicate a situation of penumbra, where not all things are clear and understandable.

How Nature Make Money

Acrylic colors on canvas / 40x100 cm / 2017

This project is a reference to the exploitation of animals for commercial purposes, many animal races, now almost extinct, are hunted and decimated in order to profit from their sale.

Ass a Rino

Acrylic colors on canvas / 40x120 cm / 2017

During these years there has been much talk about the mutilation of animals, such as rhinos and elephants, with the aim of earning the horns on the black market. This work brings the human being on the same level as the rhinos, mutilated, and deprived of an important defense weapon, the horn, which for man could be the opposable thumb, one of the characteristics that differentiates us from the rest of the animals.


Acrylic colors on canvas / 50x70 cm / 2017

“Photosynthesis” is a ‘work that deals with the issue of ’ environmental pollution by large corporations, but also the consumption of cities, trash and waste that our modern society produces. The glass sphere represents our planet now saturated with gas and soot.

Passion or Pain

Acrylic colors on canvas / 70x90 cm / 2017

In recent decades, fashion has changed our society, our way of relating to it. Its communicative power over the masses is so effective as to convince people to use ridiculous clothes or shoes that in effect become instruments of torture…

Killed Whale - San Donato (Milan), 2017 Killed Whale - San Donato (Milan), 2017

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