Night time painter, graffiti writer, graphic designer, illustrator, was born in 1984 in Salerno. Early fan of comics and drawing, he came up, only 13 years old, into the world of writing, choosing his path in a continuos study of his signature and a constant search for an artistic identity until the foundation, in 1999, of the “Drak” crew.

By mixing all of his experiences he puts on a wall his feelings, experiences and dreams, in search of style, form and typefaces styling. His formation is rich in nuances. He attends the Higher Institute of Art of Salerno, where he studies graphic design, he attends a course in design for cartoonists and one in arts. His art is in fact the result of a mixture of concepts and different techniques.

My “shit” is halfway between surrealism and illustration. Letters are the main subject of my zany world. I like to call myself a Street Surrealist..

He uses many of the skills acquired with graffitis and many design rules in order to give harmony and cleanliness to his creations. Very active into design’s world, writing and contemporary painting. In 2007, after several artistic experiences, he arrives in America exposing in Crewest Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles and shortly after in Plantazero Gallery in Barcelona.

All the same Battipaglia had a dynamic hip hop scene in the 90’s. We didn’t have much, only a few stories going round about hip hop and so-called graffiti. But we always got busy, very busy

He returns to Italy with renewed and enriched creativity, and a relentless desire to express it. The contact with new artists, new expressions of art, political realities and new friendship has been a source of inspiration for him. Experimenting all drawing techniques, from spray to brush, he applies them to different surfaces like canvas, walls and even iron.

He collaborated with famous agencies, for example Saatchi & Saatchi Italy and he designed for big brands, for example Trovimap lte, Enel, BNL, RedBull and many others.

I believe that I have never drawn the same thing twice. Not even something similar. Having considered this I still think my style is unique and recognizable.
I work on paper, wood, canvas, walls, sometimes metal. I like to try out new stuff. Usually I will make sketches for my pieces on paper. Lately I have been experimenting with my iPad as well. Then I transpose my sketches directly on to a wall. That’s the old school way.

He works in his design studio/workshop Elementi Creativi, collaborating with various advertising agencies, while he passes his free time drawing, studying, creating characters and painting on any kind of surface, always searching for new painted emotions

According to me graffiti is like the school of life. It is also a sport and an all-encompassing passion...

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