Coze is a graffiti writer that has been active since 1996. Born in southern Italy, he has been roaming the streets and riding on trains from the tender age of 15. From his humble beginnings tagging buildings and trains in his hometown, his career has flourished resulting in extensive travels around the world and artistic collaborations with several spray can and clothing brands.

He loves demonstrating that basic, primitive graffiti can be just as strong as complicated lettering and characters. His focus on letters, strong colors and cartoon characters is a reflection of his history as a true graffiti artist.

It was daytime when we started painting after stealing two spray cans, one blue and one black, from the hardware store. After this rude start, I met a guy on the same page about graffiti. That was the time of the first tag as "2A".
It would be nice to pass on all the situation of the past, especially those different habits when internet was only a dream. I reckon the main value to pass on is to respect those who have done the most and before...
Today everything is based on social media and how social media tag you: that’s bullshit! Maybe I’ll be obvious saying that the skill of an artist ain’t based to the number of followers (or likes). My personal advice is to face everything with more humbleness and respect, looking for valuable results building a network of real friends, who appreciate you for who you really are.
Entering the yard is great! It seems always like the first time. Time after time, this loop of emotions comes up even with different companies and places. It makes you feel alive... Especially if you run away ... A yard is like a nice pussy: if you treat her right, you'll be both delighted...

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