I’ve started to paint Graffiti in 1996, when I was a little kid. My name at that time was Phantom.
In 2010 I decided to change name into Rebel, an adjective that describes my soul. I find this tag fitting better my personality and believes, also finding the letters more enjoyable to write.

I grew up in Milan where, almost 20 years ago, I joined the BN crew. Since now on I’ve painted a lot of stuff with the guys, but I also loved to go to paint by myself. Like that, I found a good way to disconnect from the world around me.

The graffiti gave me many good friends with whom I’m still in touch and paint together. After many years I still believe painting is the best way to spend my time.When I started, the Graffiti movement in Milan was already exploded; finding a lot of inspiration from the walls of the city.

Nowadays, things are a little bit different, so I changed my source of inspiration from the exterior to the introspective analysis.

I hope that people enjoy my works as much as I enjoy to paint them, but anyway I don’t care much about others concern… If I write Rebel there must be a reason!

Peace & Love!
Rebel Phantom


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