Francesco Secse, born in 1981, approached graffiti in the mid of 90’s, starting to paint the first bombings in ’95. In the beginning, he immediately nurtured a passion for photo-reporting, immortalizing various pieces going to various Italian cities and Graffiti meetings, thus learning excellent examples from a very young age.

His activity becomes more constant over the years, and from 2001 onwards, SECSE considerably increases the consistency on Italian trains and beyond; an activity that will continue for the following years. Among his journey, he visited several European cities such as Barcelona, ​​Paris, Bucharest, Munich, Ljubljana, Zagreb, etc. and many Italian cities, from north to south, Milan, Genoa, Turin, Bologna, Perugia, Naples, Catania, Palermo, Bari, among others.

Part of his photographic archive has been used in various Italian publishing projects and beyond, on blogs or Instagram pages, in order to document and reconstruct certain periods of the movement. Still in the field of historical documentation, since 2012 he has been collaborating with the quarterly free press Salad Days, doing in-depth interviews with Writers from the Italian scene (and someone from abroad).

Indeed, an important and fundamental part of my training belong also to travel. It was September 1994 when I went to Milan and I got struck by the bulwarks in the Ortica area, hall of fame of the CKC-UAN-TKA and ZONA 13. The level was very high and at the age of 13 it was certainly a great stimulus and example, too. In Treviso, there was a very "strong" scene...

He has also contributed to other magazines and projects such as talk or web talk. With the desire to contribute to the development of the scene, he organized the largest graffiti events in the history of his city, Treviso.

My pieces are a combination of square and rounded shapes, and perhaps this distinguishes them, making them a little more "characteristic" and less discounted than other things. Usually you expect a completely rounded piece, without corners, or vice versa all squared, but in my case, you find both shapes, and this takes away a bit of static and obviousness.
I believe that people should be led to think in a meritocratic way and know the difference between street art and graffiti writing. I am not a hater of street art, but it should be emphasized that it’s something different from Graffiti and that thanks to the latter it has obtained the space and "dimension" that is recognized today.
Right now, I do not feel like talking about Hip Hop and Graffiti culture as a connected thing, things are now very unrelated, whether you like it or not is a fact of today. There are rappers who have no idea of ​​who certain graffiti writers (even historical ones) are, and vice versa many graff writers do not listen (or have never heard) anything belonging to Hip Hop.

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