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My tag is Khosmik. I am Mexican writer. I started fully in graffiti around 2013. There is nothing more that I love than to design my letters. Since I started this, the mentality that I had was to force myself to a constant evolution, because I believe that your style is your best way to present yourself.

I started painting like everyone else, with friends in the neighborhood, many of them stayed on the road. I was so fascinated when I watched videos of international writers that I must say they had a lot of influence on me. When I decided to take graffiti as more than just a hobby, I knew what was crucial was a lot of practice and hard work to evolve and progress.

I think the scene in Mexico is very competitive and with an enormous diversity of styles, throughout the territory there are great writers that I admire.
I think that sharing a wall with people from other countries, with different languages and cultures, is one of the greatest satisfactions because there is something that unites us and that is graffiti!

There were 2 events I consider marked my life on this: the first was the opportunity in 2018 to paint in Europe (France and Germany) with awesome writers, the second was in 2019 I could participate in the Meeting of Styles in my country. That gave me a vision of how big is the graffiti world and the large number of talented writers that exist; also those experiences forced myself further to experiment with my style.

I thank to graffiti for allowing me to travel and get to know so many places and people. Those are additional benefits of being in the movement. I have made very good friends with whom it is always a pleasure to share a wall. Much remains to be discovered. I hope people enjoy my jobs as much as I do. The goal is to keep going, there is a long way to go…


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