Born in 1991, Tony is a young graffiti writer from Lyon, a French city. In his adolescence, Ynot was a neophyte of art because he did not come from an artistic family or a strong cultural background. He developed, as an autodidact, a colorful style with pop and cartoon accents, both in the street and in workshops or galleries.

His technique is centered on color and shapes. He mixes figurative and abstract aspects dotted with lettering. The artist captivates by the force of attraction and the diversity of emotion offered by a gaze, which he generally uses as the major axis of his creations.

His works are composed of a patchwork, as if several layers of paper have accumulated, degraded and torn over time. The viewer breaks down the different layers that appeal to a memory, a situation or even an emotion, while leaving a free interpretation of these according to their experiences, their moods of the moment.

In his works, Ynot likes to tell stories in a tone that is both popular and iconoclastic. He adds a touch of “pop glamor” elegance that characterizes his works so well.




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