I was born in Rome in 1981. I lived my first years as a writer in a small reality close to Rome. There, in 1996 I met my fellow devastators who later became my crew: VTPowerz. In the beginning we were mostly dedicated to the destruction of buses and walls with the thousand handcrafted markers with strange elements like sponges, plastic tubes or blackboard erasers . The important thing was to drip as much as possible and that it should have large circles.

The late 90’s and early 2000’s TVPower was one of the busiest street bombing crews in the capital. I had a map at home where I marked every day the walls drawn the night before… The intent was to cover Rome with our pieces in the shortest possible time. Occasionally we also painted trains but our real passion was the street. Train lines, main roads, Raccordo Anulare and motorways were our favorite destinations.

In those years, honestly, the legal pieces were not that interesting for us. Despite this, however, we participated for 5 years in a row in the most powerful event in Italy… the Write4gold… getting really close to win during the least three editions. After these years full of illegal things, I changed my way of painting after I moved to Bolzano. Here I found hundreds of meters of legal walls where I could improve and evolve my style.

In a short time I found myself constantly working on lettering and everything related to writing. The illegals became the one night’s escape and the legal ones the passion of every moment. In the last 5 years I have been touring around Europe bringing my style to the main Capitals, painting with truly fantastic artists that influenced me with their styles.

Now for me, graffiti is my way of communication. They talk about my life and my passions, they talk about what I love and how I live different situations. I no longer feel the need to obsessively write my name… I prefer to write what goes in my head. My style is made of pure lettering.

The quality is what I emphasize and the colors serve to describe the word in question or its depth. I have come to do what I’ve always dreamed and this makes me happy… clearly, I continue to experiment as I don’ t want to set myself any limits. I reached 25 years of activity … between illegal and legal .. and now ahead there are my 50 as a goal!

Graffiti really pushed me beyond my limits and always gave me a valid motivation to keep going ……I owe it so much. Now I have a wonderful family and you have to fit everything together to carve out the time to paint but you can. Family and graffiti means everything to me.


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