Star 97

Star 97

Hi, my name is STAR 97 and I am based in France, in the eastern suburbs of Paris. In 2009, I made my first commissions and since 2013, I am a professional artist.
In my work, I make all types of murals, canvases and other projects. I try to know how to do everything even if my specialty is realism. In graffiti, I like things to be clean, with a simple but effective visual impact. I like that my letters are well calibrated and readable, I spend a lot of time preparing and sketching my pieces to find a balance in each of my letters but also that the name I write is balanced in general too. To that, I like to add some 3d effects, light or explosives. Time flies so quickly, and I miss this precious time, I would like to be able to do more, to realize all the ideas that come to my mind… But the main thing is that my job is my passion and that I still have so much pleasure in painting and the desire to always do better in each piece.










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