Kem – Vegas

Kem – Vegas

Kem is from Birmingham in the UK , He first got into graff way back in 1984, mainly tagging under various names with a couple of friends from school who quickly got bored, kem then known as NDEVA had almost quit too until a chance meeting with another writer in 1987 and this is where it really all began. Under the name NDEVA with his crew ADICZ, Kem was one of the earliest writers to emerge into the uk scene mainly bombing along the tracksides with a few pieces being put up
around the city up until 1991.




After an 11 year hiatus KEM burst back onto the scene hugely influenced by photorealism writers and jumped in at the deep end painting portraits and mainly character based work, however Kem soon realised this was not for him and moved back into traditional graffiti lettering and full on colour productions moving through many styles from abstract to fonts to traditional graffiti styles and adding a new name of Vegas, Kem also enjoys working with oils and acrylics creating abstract works on canvas with a list of international sales, he has also undertaken commercial graffiti works for many blue chip companies.

A writer for over 30 years Kem is showing no signs of slowing down and is enjoying painting more than ever!



































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