I am a graffiti writer from Murcia, a city in the southeast of Spain. The people of Murcia are hard as rocks, we are the Vikings of the south, you know! I am proud of my city and my neighborhood, “El Infante”, the most prolific and stylish graffiti writers of Murcia emerged from the graffiti movement started here. It has always been a neighborhood with a lot of style.

I don’t remember when I started, but until 2004/2005 I didn’t do my first piece and since then I’m still here.

When I was Young, in the 90’s, near my house there was a big park with one of the most famous Hall of fame in the city called “Las Fábricas”. But sadly, nowadays it doesn’t exist. So since I was young I liked graffiti and from 12-13 years old I tagged but only with takers, markers, etc … in my books and walls.

There are three people who have influenced my graffiti. In my beginnings my paintbrother was CEORS (this guy is so fucking skilled). Later I met DINAS a.k.a. NIGER, a graffiti writer from the adjoining neighborhood. NIGER makes explode all my potential and increase my style (I love this nigga).

Finally, years later I met JHOEZ a.k.a DOLOR. No words for this graff writer. He is my Godfather. With him, I relaunched the 450 CREW. Time after it became the 450 COPS with NIGER, JHOEZ, CEORS, DASEN, WAKER, SILENT and SELVA.

My style is the pure and hard wildstyle, no embellishments. I don’t like the pieces with a lot of effects or too many ornaments, I like more powerful letters and a clean fill color. I think less is more.
I think that any graff writer who is able to leave me in shock when I see his/her work is worthy of my admiration.

My big inspiration is given by my beautiful woman, Roxana Rose.Thanks to her, after fifteen years, graffiti is even more fun painting with her under the name of “SOULMATES” . It’s not a crew but it’s a feeling.


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