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Christian “Blef”, born in 1976, took his first steps in the world of graffiti in the early 90’s in Genoa. Technique, quantity, quality of executions and clean lines are the elements that characterize his style and that have made him famous in Italy and abroad.

My technique and the fact of choosing colors in a thoughtful way have always characterized me. If you ask me, which are the requirements to achieve to be a good writer they don’t exist, neither then nor now: it’s something too subjective.
I’ve never counted my trains. Painting a lot was the norm, the constant search for style and perfection required it. All this was so important that materially I didn't have time to finish a panel that I was already thinking of something else.It doesn't matter whether it was something bigger like a whole car or an end to end or something more complex like a wild style, or more spontaneous or simple like a bombing.
Competition is another of those factors that are fully among the stimuli that push you to do better and to give more and more. I mainly observed the Milanese scene and I felt somehow in competition with it. To compete has always been a reason of growth for me.
Fortunately, I’ve never had any major problems and I’ve always moved well, even if I get into some difficult moments. More than one. Among the many, I remember this episode: 25 years ago I was in Rome to paint and at a certain point we had to flee. There was a chase by the police during which some shots were fired and two of my graffiti friends were taken. Fortunately, I managed to escape and hide in a safe place with Panda!
All the time passed since I started has literally flown by, a number of things have happened that I never imagined. I faced them as a writer and as a man, always trying to give my best. Sometimes it’s important to stop and put all the experiences in perspective. It helps to do better and not to forget their value. Collect them, make sure that this "baggage of expertise " can help me and someone else: that’s my project. I hope I can make it happen.
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