Since childhood he showed a strong passion for drawing in all of its forms and techniques getting stunned by those. In the ‘90s, the streets of Milan were surrounded by heaps of graffiti of every kind. He started on paper creating names and letters complemented by comic and cartoon characters. In the early 2000’s, his art moved to walls and every movable surface writing his name and presiding the Milanese scene as much as possible.

Fosk is the abbreviation of "Foskia" (Mist). Friends of mine gave me this nickname because I used to make a lot of fog while smoking, so i decided to write it!

Always looking for new idea and strong inspirations, he continues his artistic journey visiting several European capitals also participating to numerous festivals. Well known by many international artists, he established lasting connections and collaborations. Since 2008, he has been contacted to decorate with his art various places, buildings and walls, also engaged in numerous decorative and artistic commissions for important brands of fashion, utilities, beverage & food.

The elements that have always distinguished me are certainly the effects created around letters resembling metal or stone with some games of light and shadow. There was also a period that I got inspired by comics and I used to put some featured like eyes, mouths in my walls.

He also works as Interior Designer in prominent building of the Milanese neighborhood ‘’Isola’’ and thanks to his exhibitions and events such as “Meeting of Styles” and “Urban Giants” he acquired a relevant position within the scene.

I grew up with the UoK crew. Before those I had other crew but we were very young and unexperienced. I can tell you that the experience shared with the UoK crew shaped me a lot both on a personal and stylistical point of view.

The indelible passion for sprays and art improved beyond technically and professionally, transmitting to people the personality and interiority of an artist who keeps in steps with a soul in constant evolution.

I remember once, as we jumped into a famous yard in northern Italy, we found there a lot of other graffiti writers, and we made a double "wholetrain" with them. On that occasion I felt part of something that made me really proud. That night I realized that despite everything, graffiti unites people.
The only advice I feel I can pass on is to be humble; to learn from those who came first the pioneers always trying to evolve the study of letters and practicing as much as possible. Never take anything for granted.

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