Born in 1979 I discovered graffiti approaching this world in 1991 in Toulouse (France) at 12 years old. I got influenced by some friends of my older sister. In 1995 I created the group TG in Toulouse which means TUFF GONG among other things.

In 1997 I went to Paris and I met the crew 132 that I soon joined which had a big influence on me.
From there, I painted on any medium (vehicle or walls) surface in a torture and contemporary style under the nickname of Tisme.

In 2005, I changed my nickname and adopted that of Voras, influenced by some Amerindian friends who found my appetite for painting insatiable. In 2015, I decided to train more and more to resume my bases influenced by the Parisian suburbs where I lived from 2002 to 2020.

During this time I started a family and participated in some events like Shakewell in Bordeaux and Lord in the West in La Rochelle in 2017 and a few others. I also participated in a film for EuropaCorp, also a Netflix series. I had a lot of decorating plans.

Currently, I moved from Paris and back to my hometown. I continue graffiti for fun and especially sharing with other passionate people because I always try to do better than the last one. I’m insatiable!








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