CHEK discovered Hip Hop culture in the early ‘90s. Drawing from a young age, he immediately hooked up with graffiti. 2000 days before the year 2000 he painted his first vandal graffiti on the edge of a national road.

In ‘95 he moved to Paris and his passion for letters will never leave him. In 1999 he joined the NT crew of graffiti artists from the east of Paris.

He goes on a “mission” with his acolytes, tagging in the rerA, painting on the tracks and flops in the streets. Quickly his playground became too small and he therefore advanced on the line towards the capital. He meets other graffiti artists and tackles the metro and its tunnels with them.

Around 2007, after a decade of vandalism and numerous legal troubles, he decided to calm down and focus on painting on land, abandoned places and abandoned factories.

In parallel with his friends, he created HARD DECO, a pioneer in aerosol decoration and today one of the biggest French players.

In 2015 he returned to DKC and returned to his fundamentals: “the letters”. Chek has been painting 24 hours continuously for 20 years now and will tell you that he’s not about to stop!


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