La Franz

La Franz

I started painting in 2004, in the town where I live in the south of Lazio, between Rome and Naples. I approached Hip Hop Culture in 2003. In the early 2000s around that area there was a beautiful scenario, both in terms of music and graffiti. There were many opportunities to meet people, rap battles and jams… My interest in graffiti started from there. I had a strong passion for comics, cartoons, drawing and the next step to graffiti was short.



I started painting with Robof, who is still a brother, and shortly I met some local crews like SKM and EB. I also met the first AEROES. I was so close to Rome and slowly I approached that scene. All of this allowed me to meet new graffiti writers and continue to study different styles and surfaces.



I don't know how to define my style, but it is certainly legible, simple and constantly looking for new forms, connections and evolutions.
I've always liked simple graffiti with the right loops and the right flow. I do believe that in simplicity you can see a well-made lettering.

I grew up with the German productions of Smash137, CanTwo, Atom, Dare just to name a few and that certainly influenced me in the cleansing of the stroke.

Currently my crews are CTA (Crash Them All) and WAWA ZOO. Big up to all my bros and thanks to the staff of ThrowUp Mag!


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