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Espy dpt/znc is a graffiti artist turned fine artist. Espy has been painting since childhood with support from family to pursue his dreams. He studied graphic design at AIPH in Philadelphia, but his passion and talent lead him to become a street artist.

I grew up in New Jersey and got my introduction to graffiti through my older brother of 2 years. Then got my hands on my first magazine 1997 scribble and saw that you could get fame through art and I was hooked. I saw Att, df crew, msk crew and 3A and was inspired to get my buddy’s together and start a graff crew. Dpt crew .

He moved to Los Angeles in 2006. Presently Espy lives and works in Los Angeles’ Koreatown neighborhood. He is a community activist in his neighborhood, turning the streets into a outdoor gallery for graffiti writers , and creating quality of life for businesses and home owners in the area he resides.

I’m the past years living in Los Angeles I created and art district I call Ktownwallz project which. Thousands of international and local artist paint at for about ten years now . Having this opportunity to share with my community has helped me grow as a graff writer.

While creating opportunities for graffiti artist to express themselves legally. He continues to persue graffiti throughout his life.Never letting go of those roots. Espy does murals for the community daily as well as curating 300 legal walls in Koreatown, called “Los Angeles Ktownwallz Project” and hosting meeting of styles Los Angeles here.

Almost everything I know I learned from this graffiti community.

His more recent work consists of urban contemporary, photo realistic animal portraits, geometric designs and graffiti elements in a blend of layered interactions with various art forms creating a journey through the years of his growth and creativity with every painting.


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