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I am Andrés Guerrero better known as Ans, born in 1982 in Santiago de Chile, father of 2 childrens and lover of letters. In 1999 I painted my first Graffiti. It has been 23 years painting constantly, going through the evolution of letters until reaching a style that already identifies me by adapting my letters to the present day. I have been able to live and do jobs where I apply my Graffiti techniques. Today I am sponsored by Ecko. I have had the pleasure of participating to 5 Meeting of Styles from different countries, the last one in Peru in the middle of the pandemic, which was a great experience that I’m very grateful for. Graffiti for me is more than a few stripes with spray, it is a way of life which I hope to pursue until my last days.

Graffiti came into my life in 1999 when I saw my cousin paint, we always draw cartoons and things like that but he lived in a neighborhood where the scene was quite strong and he had close relationships with people who were already playing on the scene.



My style is the wildstyle as I’m someone who loves letters. In the beginnings I started with some rather round letters and over the years the evolution has been with more arrows and elongated my style of letters also carries a stamp that are the colors that use



The greatest gratification is to have been able to paint with the FX crew. When I started painting, I used to watch a magazine and the FX crew was the one who appeared in all the Graffiti magazines of that time.



I think that painting trains is one of the experiences with the most adrenaline, since achieving a piece without being caught has no comparison. It is something incredible.



I believe that Graffiti is born from the illegal as when it’s legal it’s not the same.



Today there are many companies that pay for murals or graffiti but the illegal essence is the street which will never be lost.



My best advice is to dedicate time and perseverance because you like to paint and not because I expect something in return. I leave you a big hug and much success.

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