I am from Chile andI live in a city in the northern part of the country called Antofagasta. In almost 25 five years I’ve always painted this character that goes together with my history, my path, the things I want to express. My life and my mind are linked to this character, my concepts are hip-hop, travels and experiences.

I chose it because I’ve always liked to make people laugh and also ‘cause when I was at the school I performed for a role and since that day people used to call me Bufón.
In 1986 I started to go to the streets with my father to paint political slogans against the dictator Augusto Pinochet.
Here in my city (Antofagasta) my friend 3host came one day with a spray can and a fat cap. The spray can was the first thing I saw. Until 2010, graffiti spray can brands were not available here, so we used to paint with brushes, paint rollers and common spray can brands.
My message about social injustice, the power abuse, violence and social differences present in our world. I’d like to encourage older generations to share with the younger ones.
I have 2 kids and my message for them is that you can live with graffiti and painting but live for yourself. Do not give your life to a company or a system. It doesn’t matter if you come from the poorest hood and you even think you have nothing as there is always a chance to go out and see the world and fight for your dreams.
I think graffiti will always be uncomfortable because of their position in society. Art belongs to the elite, but graffiti belongs to the streets, to the people. Graffiti is appreciated when it is something universal but when it has an opinion it scares them.
I want to paint my character in a building in any part of the world. I want an opportunity. I want the kids who get close to graffiti not to drink, not to smoke, to respect everyone and to draw everyday even if the door closes. I want them to keep going and live from this.

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