He has approached graffiti culture in 1990, beginning his artistic journey by painting walls and trains almost every day. Thanks to his personal and professional evolution, he painted with a constant research of gesture and different materials as canvas and wood.

His evolution and the essence of the path gained in the years of writing combined with the study of letters, gave to his works an anatomic and boned structure.

In ‘88/’89 I saw the first graffiti and I was literally struck! It was there where I decided that that would have been my way!

His works are characterized by calligraphic symbols with marked and intense colors combined with the study of letters . These elements remind to the anatomy of the human spinal column.

Tawa is accurate to choose different materials as he wants to represent the reality of the urban landscape. In fact, the materials mainly used are the imprints of car tires, concrete, bitumen…

He often uses the ‘gold’ colour as a tribute to one of the most famous symbols of Milan, “La Madonnina”.

The 16k was formed in 1992. Our crew was based on uniqueness and style, keeping friendship on top of everything.
My search for gesture is the sign… it is the evolution of the letter.

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