Dayana, art name ‘Dada’, was born and raised in the south of Milan, where she hung out with many writers. In the beginning of her artistic life, she used to experiment on canvas the subjects she loves the most. Her geishas are elegant style icons that have been exhibited in several contemporary Art Collectives, in Italy and France.

Thanks to his partner Tawa, she got passionate about the aerosol-art and the use of sprays became an integral part of her works emerging with her recognizable lettering, characterized of clean shapes and precise strokes. She has been painting on the walls since three years participating also to several jams where she got known and appreciated in the graffiti world.

My passion has not a clear start as it is a contamination of experiences, places and people. In the early 90’s I attended ‘Rinascita’ the school in Rosalba Carriera Street that was full of walls of the THP crew and… How not to be fascinated?!
I grew up in Barona district and the Hall of Fame of the 16k crew was a practise. This path is with no doubt fulfilled by friends who tried to emerge with their tags and by the Artistic High School contribution that gave roots to my artistic path
Once again, thanks to my partner Tawa, I was finally able to experiment with pride what I wanted and…. the dream came true. I’m finally there! I proudly paint graffiti creating my ‘DADA’ lettering, the nickname given by my brother Omar, when I was a child. That’s how my passion for graffiti was born.

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