2014 was the first time AURA really noticed graffiti in the city. Then in 2015 she took the can for the first time. Since then, graffiti is a part of her life that can no longer be imagined without. Why and how exactly AURA started painting, she doesn’t know herself. Maybe it was simply fascination, even though she knew nothing about graffiti at the time. For her, graffiti gives the city an aura – hence her name. She was born in 1997 and lives near Düsseldorf, Germany.




In addition to her retail design studies, since 2019 she has participated in exhibitions, made commissioned works and led workshops for young people. AURA is also very active on Instagram, where she regularly shares her artistic journey with her followers. Inspired by scene greats like the loveletters crew and MadC, AURA loves concept walls and sweeping letters.




DARE in particular has influenced her in that way. She likes to combine letters with bold, unusual color combinations and characters – preferably animals. Her ideas usually come intuitively and spontaneously. Generally, non-planning is a bit AURA’s motto as soon as it goes to the wall. Most of it is created without a sketch and freely freestyle on the wall, spontaneously and without thinking much about it.

Since 2018, she has often been on the road with her boyfriend and team partner Oldhaus, with whom she has already participated twice in the nationwide project “Democracy Live” and designed her first house facade in Grevenbroich in 2021.














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