I am Originally from France but grew up in a village in the south of Portugal, but I’m not from the Village people! If ever you are wondering if I am the Cop or the cowboy! I always drew a lot as a kid! I just fucking loved to make up weird monsters, probably because of the Game Boy and Pokemon, which was at the time like the Iphone 17 of nowadays. It was great to get immersed in such vast worlds of creativity.

At the same time, I was also Skateboarding a lot, gettin’ my knees and hands bruised up everyday! I remember all this classic Graphics, from Powell & Peralta boards to Jimbo Phillips. (Which was definitely a Huge influence at the time), or even Tony Hawk games, Rocket Power cartoons and so on!

Years later I started writing Funky while I was studying Graphic Design.It was obvious for me, because I’ve always been really fond of the whole Disco/Funk universe and at the same time, It was a joke in our group, when someone did something very silly or retarded we used to say “that was pretty funky!”

I then met people that were already deeply rooted in the graff culture and were (and still are) definitely my biggest influences and are still the bastards I am trying to impress everytime I paint (yo: Kilz, Timek, LOZ, INER, Paor). They really pushed me to take my graffiti venture more seriously.

When I decided to go for It in a more mature way it became like a mental illness, Painting all the time, sketching like a mad man, always buzzing everybody to go paint. In parallel, there was A LOT of party going on, so we forged from the deepest depths of the booze, the DMC (Drunk Master Crew), which is our graff crew but more importantly a group of friends, that do shit together.

More recently I started tattooing, opened a little (but supah funky) studio, where I also sell cans and try to spread this whole culture as much as I can. I also organize a graff festival here in Évora (Portugal) called Grosso Modo alongside my friend PAOR!

This year I tried out some festivals, like Loures Arte Publica, Meeting of Styles and such and those have been really insane experiences, painting alongside very talented and nice people, shout out to all the guys I’ve met along the way! (Chure, Mosaik, Balstroem, Vile, Enora, Virus, Koye, Tezak, Glow, Fork4, Lehel, Fatheat and all of you, you know who you are!).

Now I am working on a new body of work, more refined, cleaner, simpler, more graphic designish, trying to push myself to new directions and opening the new doors of the Funk etc…! Let’s see where the funkture brings me!

Get drunk! Get Funky! Get well!
Big hug to all of you


Song recommendation:
Billy Cobham – Red Baron
Freebeez – Sex, Drug & Rock n Roll
Phat Phunktion – Well Run Dry


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