He began making a lot of graffiti around Turin in the end of the 80s after seeing lots of stencils on the walls of the city. In ‘95 he met RBK aka Dank joining the NSC Crew, firstly painting walls and panels with the name of Ubi and after changing it into Wubik.

Luckily, I met Dank who taught me everything about this magnificent world. I totally ignored the existence of many elements belonging to this phenomenon such as the fanzine, various spray caps, throwups, panels, blocks, hall of fame, crews, styles, jam, trains and yards…

In 2000 the NSC and the ABC crew merged into the TOTS crew. This connection led the crew to paint around Italy and to meet many writers from the national and the European scene. In the meantime, Wubik begins to paint his first canvases, especially using sprays.

My first crew was the NSC; after fed into the TOT Crew with the ABC. In 2005 with mates as Rain, Paok, Dank, Kora and Bans we decided to create the BOC Crew
Oh yes, it was really difficult in Turin ... Can you believe I made my first piece with a car sprays? I spent 80.000 liras . We used to buy the Happy Colors or the Rituchin...

In 2005 he formed the BOC crew with Piove and Bans still painting in the most important Italian and foreign events such as the “Write for Gold”, the “Meeting of Styles” and the “Step in the Arena”.

Traveling has always been a great passion and he painted with his friend Wany in Kuala Lumpur, Brisbane, Tokyo …

Someone told me the first important rule is to respect the graffiti writers that have started before you. Then of course, for example, do not copy others’ style; to respect the yards... I do believe I’ve never messed up about these things. It’s important to know these unwritten rules, but it’s also important to be lucky enough to have a good teacher...

The willing to express himself on other supports drives him to paint various subjects on canvas using acrylic colors. He never forget his background of graffiti writer even experimenting other techniques. Looking forward to new ideas is always his focus!

I'm not a trainbomber even if in the beginning we ‘’pushed’’ a lot in our area. The vibe, the hush, the lights, the noise of the sprays and the vigilant ear to be aware of the noises apart ... besides the panel hunting of the day after!

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