Born and raised in Geneva, Jazi is part of the 2nd generation of graffiti artists from the city, having done his first step within the movement in the late 80’s. His name has marked the scene with big and intricate murals alongside his pairs, the TZP (Twilight Zone Posse) around the city and beyond.

During the 90’s, he’s helped put the swiss graffiti scene on the european map, especially by collaborating with MVPs (Most Valuable Painters) from Paris to Germany.

Known for his versatile style, he can’t be put into in just one box as he likes to experiment from 2D, 3D, portraits, landscape but also abstract, always finding new way to innovate within the artform.

He has worked with numerous brands and institutions (including Hermes, United Nations) and has gained a solid reputation throughout the years.

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  • Cole Hanson says:

    Jazi, t’es mortel!!! Ton dessin, tes couleurs, ton flow, ta philosophie… méritent le respect!
    Dommage que je ne t’ai croisé au temps où je créchais à GVA, kiffé avec Tones par ex., participais à klks contests mémorables.. Enfin, à 1 de ces 4, big up à toi & continues de nous faire kiffer.

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