Born in Milan in 1980, he began painting Graffiti in 1995. From the beginning he got passionated deciding to specialise on figurative subjects. After 24 years of Aerosol Art he realised almost 700 puppets, painting constantly with the BN crew on different supports as walls and steels.

The creativity of Impo is made of a continuous research on new subjects and forms of expression, that led him to create art on several fronts, from sculpture to figurative painting, from 3D videos to light design and scenography.

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The driving force of my works is the desire to amaze. When I create something, I imagine the impact this work could have on others' mind. Every time I make something new my major concern is to evoke and inspire people...

Experiment is the keyword and creating to innovate is his main goal. That’s why he learned and nurtured different techniques in order to create new expressive languages. Despite his cutting edge style, his works never differ from the harmonic composition, the strong accurate control and the outstanding aesthetic values.

My work consists of an application of aesthetics through new artistic expressions and associations of forms and concepts, at first glance far removed from the classical vision of beauty, but which in reality remain in some way influenced, in proportion and in the harmony.

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