Howen Poison

Howen Poison

Howen Poison, writer from Rome born in 1980. He had his first contact with graffiti in 1994. The obsession of clean lines and the accuracy, the influence of the so-called Roman style and the passion for metro are some factors that helped to shape his style: simple and legible letters, achievable in a short time, but from which emerges a constant obsession for the technique.

In my opinion, leaving my name on the wagons means being able to give life to my emotions and feelings of the moment; all driven by a passion for something that in the end you can't even fully explain. A reason that I think is to be found in the deepness of the human being, but in any case, when there is this passion, whatever is, things are better.
I would call my style essential. That adjective enclose the uniqueness of my latest works, the Exentials, even if each of them has its own title. That represents for me the actual point of the evolution of my style over time. I would define it as a stage or in any case a moment highlighted with a marker in the timeline of my life...
I was finishing to paint a nice wagon, when I saw about ten security guards arriving  at the end of the tunnel. You bet the adrenaline! I immediately ran up the stairs to the emergency door to get out, but they had blocked it from the outside. I took stock of the situation for a moment, ten people arrived on one side of the tunnel, on the other side of the tunnel there was the wall because the line ended, and the emergency door was blocked. I was trapped...

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