Born in 1977  Paris, France. Marked by the proliferation of tags and graffiti in Paris and its suburbs in the ‘80s, Sethone began graffiti in the ‘90s within the STS and then CLM groups, actively on the many urban supports offered by the city. He then works for associations or municipalities, where through initiations and workshops he conveys his vision of graffiti and seeks to transmit this culture to participants. 

His work on canvas develops later with the desire to work on the dynamics of his letters in a different way than on the wall.  This process, which he calls “Graffolyse”, consists in the disappearance of the letter, its degradation which gives way to components, ornaments, dynamics and strong lines to create an overall snapshot in motion. 







In addition to this transformation, there are many influences such as pop art, primitive arts or even the imagery of skate culture, surfing and comics of the ‘90s.  Sethone also develops in parallel a more figurative treatise which allows the staging of tools or supports specific to the practice of graffiti with in particular the Capman series and the Capumulations (caps, markers, trains…).









In recent years, Sethone has participated in many festivals, exhibitions: Völklinger Urban art Biennale 2022, Label Valette Festival 2020 Mister Freeze in Toulouse 2016, 2017, 2018, Montauban 2020, 2022 editions Unframed 2019, Urban Art Fair 2018 Paris with the Loft du 34 gallery and multiplies collaborations with various artists in France or abroad (Argentina, Colombia, Portugal, Indonesia, Thaïland etc.).





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