Hi, I’m Kreso, Kreso ERG. Ever since I started doing graffiti, I’ve focused mainly on finding a true handstyle. I’ve always been more attracted to the contrast of black on white of a beautiful tag rather than a colorful and elaborate design. I believe the shapes and textures of the letters are more interesting than the thousands of possible color combinations you can use to represent them.

The composition between solids and voids, the harmony of spaces, shapes and colors, are similar factors to many disciplines, even those that with drawing have less to do. Think about Yoga or Tai Chi, skateboarding or snowboarding; there are codified sequences of movements that allow us to achieve certain states and results. Writing leads me into a kind of state of ataraxia that makes me feel complete and at peace with my senses. In some cases it also becomes a kind of addiction (the adrenaline helps); honestly it’s something difficult to explain but I guess understandable since it’s a strong common component of every creative process. 

After 20 years, I can say that I can write with closed eyes. The movement is mechanized and internalized to perfection that I can’t stop reproducing it, it’s muscle memory and frenzy combined. That’s why I love everything about writing, the smell of ink, the flow of a nib on a surface, the sound of the same marker on a plastic or iron door. Even writing with sprays has its charms. The combination of gestures is broad, the variations of flares, strokes, and personal wrist movement can be distinctive marks. Everyone has their own personal style, their own writing; I’ve always focused on studying many different styles in order to bring a contribution and deepen the search for my own. This is a very common practice with regard to letters, as well in calligraphy as calligraffiti.

Photography is a relevant part of my creative process. I think the most important aspect in photographing graffiti is the action component, the lighting, the vibrations of the surrounding atmosphere. I’ve always found the art of documenting graffiti fascinating, but for many years I could not figure out what was the real message to be captured through the shot or what was the story to be told. With experience and thanks to the advice and inspiration I received from a few photographer friends (David.B.Rock above all) I refined this sensibility of mine by focusing more on the surrounding atmosphere rather than on the piece or tag itself.  

In recent years, I’ve been trying to transfer the energy spent on making graffiti into something more concrete and shareable with the rest of the global art scene, artistic trends that are already established in the international underground culture but that are slow to manifest themselves in the Italian art scene. Calligraffiti precisely, try through their creative process to bring the message and tools of street art culture into a more orthodox academic environment.

Therefore, most of my personal projects are focused on finding the best balance between the shapes of the letters and the message they contain by alternating abstract subjects with more geometric compositions.

I thank the guys of Throw Up Mag for this space.
Best wishes and greetings. See you soon!!!

Kreso Erg


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