I write Sowet and I come from Pistoia, Tuscany. I’ve always been fascinated by the world of graffiti since I was a child as I used to observe with interest the tags and pieces caught around. I tried to experience the first walls between the ages of 15 and 16, but I started to take it more seriously only when I found a few friends with the same interests, not that obvious due to the small town reality in which we grew up.

It was during Art High School that we got into Hip Hop and we started studying the older guys’ pieces. In 2017, we founded the SDC Z16 crew with my High School classmates and I’m still part of it. Over the years we expanded the group with graffiti writers from different part of Italy joining our collective.

I tried almost every surface but I learned the hard way that actions are not for me. I’ve to admit that I often miss the more adrenaline-pumping part of this discipline as abandoning that sphere completely; I struggle sometimes to really feel like a graff writer but I still commit myself to keep an attitude as real as possible by striving to make walls as fresh as I can.

Over time, I accepted the fact that, for my way of painting, technique and concentration are at the base, and I need time and calm to put them into practice. Lately, I tried to focus on walls and Halls of fame, studying new settings and effects for my pieces. I’ve always taken inspiration from various German and Austrian graff writers.

Toward the end of 2020, I moved to Veneto to attend University. I came into contact with a completely new reality, which taught me to pay more attention to walls by delving into details and effects. Changing environment moved me to the next level in terms of quality, and let me paint with some of the best graff writers in our country.

It was also fundamental that the confrontation with the guys I met in the academy and painting with them really changed me. Lately, I’ve been working on bringing the aesthetics of my works closer to a more “mechanical” imagery, using references like racing cars or Japanese robots.

The idea is to make the walls more and more aggressive and three-dimensional. I’m taking part in more and more events and jams around Italy, and soon I will participate in the first festivals in Europe.

See you on the walls!


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