I’m Chips, a Sardinian writer based In London. I started graffiti across ‘94 -’95 and i was super young at the time. We got super excited about Hip Hop, which was still a subculture and it was getting quite relevant there; so graffiti became my mission, my passion, and my lifestyle! Pure love at first impact!

Painting at that time wasn’t simple,especially on an island,and no money for it. We started from scratch where the internet was a mirage and we learned and discovered everything by ourselves and from our mistakes.

As a graffiti writer I became 100% wildstyle enthusiast. It comes from my sardinian roots,and it reflects my character and my personality.

Since my first attempt in graffiti,I was super attracted by some very intricate pieces and at the time I was inspired by Phase 2 and all the big names out there. In the ‘90, wildstyle was crazy and truly inspiring.

My style changed a lot over the years as I tried to build something unique that could stand at the eye and be recognizable from far. All my pieces are just pure freestyle and I adapt myself to the environment and the people around me. 

Basically my letters are a combination of layers and shapes; sometimes more organic, other times more mechanical, that autonomously build the structure of a single letter.




I think style evolution is a personal journey. For me painting is the most important thing in life; graffiti saved and changed my life,my habits,my view of seeing things.




I also like to paint a variety of different styles to push myself, to discover new horizons, to keep researching and  trying to be original even if it’s quite hard nowadays!




Today painting for me is like meditating….it’s the time that I talk to myself, it’s a very intimate thing; my mind goes far from the daily routines,and it regenerates  me!




Graff is the best medicine for my soul and my spirit! I want to thank Throw Up Magazine for your support and trust.


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