Taser started painting graffiti in 2001, from then on, everything would be meeting people and being able to travel to different cities where he could paint. He does not care about the number of pieces or their size, he only cares about being able to paint. At first, many will say that the wild style is done this way or it is not done this way. He only knows, from his point of view, that he likes what he does and that he will continue to do it. His goal is not that people like him, his main critic is himself. He surrounded himself with very good writers who joined the good vibes and the desire to create.

I started painting in 2001. I only knew graffiti from what I saw on the streets, those tags, pieces... When I was in high school, a friend started showing me his sketches. It was incredible! I want to do that! That's how I started.
I like to mix the letters with sticks and straight lines and sometimes, I also like to make simple letters, but trying to get a good result.
My crews are EDS and TCK. The two crews that have been around for many years. Alicante and Madrid. I am very proud to belong to these teams and happy to host me for a long time. 100% authentic graffiti.
Thanks to graffiti, I have met people who are really incredible and I have a very good friendship, I have been able to travel and see places.
Nowadays some people think they have invented graffiti and it seems like the rest of us have to kneel in front of them. I imagine, they think they will live for eternity and will never disappear.
The letter A is my favourite. With this letter, I don't know why, but it is the letter that I use as a guide so that in the sketch of the piece, everything fits well and I like the ending.
I don't live from painting graffiti, but if it is necessary even once a week, It's my moment. Painting for someone for money is fine. But if I am not motivated by what I want or cannot pay what I ask, I don't paint.
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  • Ben claridge says:


    Ben Claridge here from
    Adelaide,South Australia!!
    Irem is what I write!!
    Your art work is AMAZING MATE !! ITS KILLA!!

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