Interview with Taser: «Only the real ones are left».

We interviewed the Spanish graffiti writer TASER1, who told us about how he started painting and becoming passionate about Hip Hop culture, the importance of lettering and wild style in his works. Read the full interview.

Hello Taser1. Thank you for your availability to this interview and congratulations on your work! We would like to start by asking where you come from and how and why did you approach Hip Hop culture and graffiti writing…

I started painting in 2001. I only knew graffiti from what I saw on the streets, those tags, pieces… When I was in high school, a friend started showing me his sketches. It was incredible! I want to do that! That’s how I started. First I drew and tried names until I found the one I liked. The same thing happened with music, this friend started giving me rap music and that’s when I started making my collection.

And your city? What do people think about graffiti culture?

I think that things have changed a lot. It is not the same as years ago. Someone stop painting, someone have returned to painting after years without painting, others paint very few times a year and others prefer using drugs rather than painting. I see that only the real ones are left, for example, my brother Inca.

How do you describe your style? How did it evolve over time?

Wildstyle. I like to mix the letters with sticks and straight lines and sometimes, I also like to make simple letters, but trying to get a good result. The evolution I see is in the skill of letters. Finer and with other finishes.

How important is the study of letters in your works? Let us know. Do you have any favorite lyrics? Why?

The letter A. With this letter, I don’t know why, but it is the letter that I use as a guide so that in the sketch of the piece, everything fits well and I like the ending.

Do you paint mainly on walls or do you use other techniques and supports?

Previously yes, now only on the wall.

Did you manage to turn your passion and talent into a job? If so, what steps did you take to achieve it?

I don’t live from painting graffiti, but if it is necessary even once a week, It’s my moment. Painting for someone for money is fine. But if I am not motivated by what I want or cannot pay what I ask, I don’t paint.

Do you have one or more belonging crews? Which? Would you like to share with us and our readers any particular experience or memory of this artistic journey?

My crews are EDS and TCK. The two crews that have been around for many years. Alicante and Madrid. I am very proud to belong to these teams and happy to host me for a long time. 100% authentic graffiti.

Did you get the most satisfaction thanks to graffiti?

Yes. Thanks to graffiti, I have met people who are really incredible and I have a very good friendship, I have been able to travel and see places.

Do you find any difference in the world of graffiti from the beginning?

Yes. Now some people think they have invented graffiti and it seems like the rest of us have to kneel in front of them. I imagine, they think they will live for eternity and will never disappear.

We would like to close by asking how you experienced the pandemic period. How was the impact on your city? What did you do in your daily routine? Did you have the opportunity to paint?

My wife and I had our first son in the middle of the pandemic. Fortunately, everything went very well. I live in a place where my walls are 30 seconds away, surrounded by green and nature. For now, the fucking virus has not arrived here.



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