Skare is a Ukrainian graffiti artist based in Warsaw. Born in 1995 in Severodonetsk, he began his career as a graffiti writer in 2010, in which he found a place to develop in creativity and unlimited freedom of self-expression. In a short period he developed an aggressive, catchy style that differs from expressive form of letters connected by lines, that can be basic for several letters at the same time.

In 2013, he moved to Warsaw to study and here meets the local representatives of the street art and graffiti scene. Since the end of 2015, Skare has been experimenting with abstraction and optical art, which is manifested in the evolution of his style, which was called – “Neurowild”, where the font implies a fickle, mutating form with a reference to nature neural networks and brain activity.

The first when I tried to spray my name on the wall was on my birthday in 2007 when I was a teenager. But that was nothing related to graffiti, I wrote my nickname from computer games. I started to paint graffiti consciously in 2010.

A huge influence on the final formation of the style was the participation of the Roskilde festival in 2016, which brought together the best graffiti artists from all over the world. After this festival was a huge boost in the development of his style…

From that time I started to think differently about structures and shapes of the graffiti letters. In my opinion, this discovery has contributed to the style I have today

His paintings are primarily focused on letters and their transformations. The pieces based on self-developed «Neurowild» style are presented as one living organic form, inspired by brain activity, where mutations, diseases, hallucinations resonate and are presented in graffiti works as some elements of optical art, glitch elements, cloning letters and placing them inside other letters.

When space is limited or the wall has some kind of protrusions that change the look of your piece and you need to adapt to the conditions. This often happens, when you paint with other writers at festivals for example. At such moments, it is difficult to find a suitable sketch, so freestyle was the way out of this kind of situation.

As a result, a completely new form of the letters appears not losing the hierarchy and essence as a separate unit of the font. With this style, Skare would like to show the variety of unlimited work possibilities with graffiti fonts, which can reflect mental and emotional state. The moment when letters become a tool for expressing inner feelings.

If you want to make original style - stop looking for inspiration inside graffiti. I was looking for inspiration in nature. For example, I liked how the lava texture looks and in 2015 I pretty often painted this effect in my pieces until I noticed that the texture reminds me of a neural network.
For me my letters presented as one living organic form inspired by brain activity, where could exist mutations, diseases, hallucinations which I retranslate in my graffiti works with using some elements of Opart, glitch distortions, cloning letters and putting inside other letters...
I stopped worrying about what colors I use, but the contrast of these shades is more important for me.
Also, I’ve got some knowledge and inspiration about using colors and how mix them from my friend and very talented artist Proembrion.
I like to experiment with fluid art. It is always interesting to see what will happen when you mix a lot of colors on the canvas and what it will look like. And every time I figure out how to start to control the whole process and how to use these abstract shapes for building letterforms.
If we talk about something from outside the artistic field, in the future I’d like to experiment with augmented reality and holograms.
The result of your progress depends on your practice and how many hours you spend on it. Don’t compare yourself with other writers. Rate yourself on your personal progress as a graffiti writer.

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