I write Sayko, Coach, Talk and many other tags because I like to change letter combinations that allow me to travel new paths and play with other shapes and symmetries. I started making the first tags around 2001 in Treviso, inspired by the old school scene of my city which was strongly influenced by the wild Milanese style of the 90s.

Over the years I have tried to be a complete writer: from tags to throw ups, from silver to trains, from blocks to walls. I like to experiment with new styles: from taking classic styles and putting my own touch or trying more experimental and strange ways.

I don’t like to stick to the same thing for too long. I like the idea of ​​playing with letters and always finding new ways to write my name.

Fortunately I have had the opportunity over the years to travel and deal with different realities. This made me develop an attitude and a more complete vision of graffiti than the provincial writer.

Working in the creative sector I like to mix inputs external to the world of graffiti while trying to remain faithful to a certain vision that distinguishes this discipline.


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